Adept 4 Gaming is a Division of Adept Consulting Services focusing primarily on technology solutions to the gaming industry.

Adept 4 Gaming’s value proposition is to provide comprehensive, flexible, and cost effective technology enabled solutions to the gaming industry. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals by providing innovative technology-based solutions that produce cost-effective outcomes.

Our ability to deliver innovative, but practical solutions that streamline business processes, reduce costs, improve client satisfaction and increase revenues, allows our customers to capitalize on critical business and technology opportunities. .

Value Proposition

We leverage our unique blend of business, industry, and IT knowledge to provide solutions using emerging technologies to satisfy unique business requirements in the gaming industry.

It is both a holistic and targeted business solutions from concept through implementation. These innovative solutions are designed by our creative application of technology, leveraged by our high performance IT skills, and backed by our considerable knowledge of your business and industry.

As a result, we have a proven track record of providing tangible and innovative business value for our customers. Our well-honed project management approach and rapid delivery system make it happen it a timely manner.

We utilize our extensive industry experience with a wide variety of cutting edge technologies in in designing custom business solutions. We can also integrate with COTS/MOTS packages or other third party systems/solutions to build a targeted solution or a portfolio of applications that meet your specific needs while you focus on higher end business issues. In general, you can benefit from an Adept solution anywhere that emerging technologies can give you a competitive edge.

We also provide a number of existing packaged solutions that have been proven highly beneficial to our customer base. Our packaged solutions are utilized in departments such as Players Services, Slot Technicians, Marketing, and Executive Management.

Our packaged solutions have been proven to provide innovative but practical solutions to streamline business processes, reduce costs, improve client satisfaction and increase revenues.

Our experienced professionals have broad and diverse skill sets so we can deliver many types of technology projects. Adept consultants are trained in a variety of standard & emerging technologies, niche products; particularly best of breed solutions. Because of our steady growth, we have been able to reinvest in the company’s resources to support our goal of becoming a successful learning organization assuring you access to the most appropriate technology to satisfy your needs. By providing extensive, on-going education to our staff, we continually enhance our ability to provide you with a broad bandwidth of quality services. By fostering a collaborative, collegial environment where superior performers are encouraged to work as teams, exercise initiative, and thrive in their work; we provide you the very best of service to assure your success.

To help customers grow and succeed, Adept provides the most cost-effective solutions and projects in the industry. We take full advantage of our Global Distributed Service Model (GDSM), so you can reap benefits that only Adept can provide. We integrate seamlessly with your team to limit disruption to your organization and to assure you achieve your desired goal.

Have an aggressive schedule? You can benefit from Adept’s incisive vision, planning, and analytical skills focused on your unique situation. We will bring speed and intensity to your project, which will compress implementation and deployment times. Our Global Distributed Service Model (GDSM) enables us to serve as a virtual 24-hour workforce to satisfy your tightest schedules!

Outstanding customer service is delivered through superb project management, field tested deployment processes, dedication to quality assurance programs, and an unwavering commitment to satisfying all project deliverables on time and on budget.

Our fixation on delivering the highest levels of customer service creates the foundation for long-term relationships.

It is with this in mind that we partner with our customers, and we establish each solution as a win-win for both organizations, provide complete support throughout the process, and integrate as a seamless element of your team. With this tight, supportive association; we learn your business, understand your needs, and establish a partnership you can always count on to satisfy your technology requirements!


The "Strategic Architecture" for building Adept Consulting Services, has always centered on customer satisfaction. Everything we have developed since our emergence in 1994 - infrastructure, training, innovative solutions, project management and quality assurance methodologies has been built with this cornerstone in mind. This core tenet is embraced by all Adept personnel and apparent in all customer interactions.

Throughout our history Adept has grown by focusing on each customer's satisfaction. To satisfy this mission we leverage our best ideas and talent for each unique customer solution. The proof of our commitment to our customer's satisfaction is demonstrated by the fact that most of our customers engage us again to solve additional business issues. In fact, many customers have teamed with us for years as a result of delivering tailored, high quality, cost effective solutions.


Our mission is to help our customers achieve all of their business and project goals by delivering quality, innovative, and cost effective solutions that raise the bar for technology services and overall customer satisfaction.

How does Adept ensure Customer Satisfaction?

  • Designing innovative solutions
  • High quality project management
  • Engaging extraordinary service personnel
  • Delivering customer expectations

Our Team Members

Mr. Kirit Mehta

40+ years of business & IT industry experience.

Mr. Mahesh Jituri

Vice President
25+ years of business & IT industry experience.

Mr. Kerry TenHuisen

30+ years of business & IT industry experience.

Ms. Susan Quigley

Vice President
over 30 years of business & IT industry experience.

Mr. Mark Kirsch

30+ years of business & IT industry experience.