Solutions - Slot Dispatch System

A real-time, web based, mobile application to manage slot alerts

Looking to retain or grow your customer base by delighting your customers on each visit? Try Adept’s Slot Dispatch System solution, the most superior and cost-effective customer service solution available in the industry.

Adept’s Slot Dispatch System is a powerful business tool to enhance customer service by improving efficiency throughout the entire slot alert life cycle. It significantly reduces service times and serves your most valued customers based on your preferences. This tool also provides great insight into the productivity of your resources and enables you to gain a competitive edge through efficient processes and quick access to information for faster decision making.

Looking to improve your employee productivity? Try Adept’s Slot Dispatch System solution, which provides automated real-time dispatch of alerts to mobile devices and makes pertinent data available at their finger tips.

Automated Real-Time Dispatch: Slot Dispatch System interfaces with casino gaming systems to capture ongoing alerts on an automatic, real-time basis. These alerts are automatically queued and displayed on employee handhelds based on predefined criteria. System displays pertinent data on the handheld to assist employees in providing personalized and efficient service.

The Dashboard: The Dashboard provides managers/supervisors/dispatchers a complete real-time status of the casino floor in one window, for improved floor management. It also allows dispatchers to operate in a manual dispatch mode, make floor assignments based on current work load and filter data using various criteria.

Looking to serve your most valued customers on priority? Try Adept’s Slot Dispatch System solution that offers customizable tier differentiation.

Tier Differentiation:System allows alerts to be prioritized based on customer tier. System provides flexibility to add or update tier information to suit your needs. Several reports are available to analyze service levels provided to each tier.

Looking to reduce your overall cost of operation? Look no further. Try Adept’s Slot Dispatch System solution that provides business intelligence to help you significantly reduce your cost of operation.

Business Intelligence: Slot Dispatch System provides business intelligence through various real-time performance metrics and a number of pre-defined reports for historical data. From these reports, you can assess employee productivity and customer satisfaction and significantly reduce your cost of operation by making informed decisions on staffing requirements, scheduling, training needs and equipment troubleshooting.

  • Features
  • Integration/Platform
  • Benefits
  • Web-based tool to automatically dispatch, monitor and manage slot alerts
  • Designed for browser enabled handheld/mobile devices
  • Real-time dispatch of alerts based on defined criteria
  • Alert handling for “Casino Hosts” and “Beverage Servers”
  • Dashboard for comprehensive real-time status of the casino floor
  • Customizable tier differentiation
  • Real-time zone re-assignments
  • Special handling for “maintenance” alerts
  • Extensive reporting to assess service times
  • Seamless alert escalation
  • Integrates with standard casino gaming systems
  • Browser enabled mobile devices such as iPod touch, M310, etc.
  • Reduce time taken to dispatch alerts
  • Substantially reduce service times
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce staffing requirements
  • Identify training needs
  • Improved management decisions
  • Enhance visibility of information
  • Minimize slot downtimes
  • Reduce cost of operation

All these benefits for pennies per day!!!